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Bloods 4 you is a Private & Confidential Blood & Urine Test Services that are available to the general public, healthcare professionals, private clinics & businesses.

All blood or urine samples are strictly private & confidential.

Fully qualified and trained, full malpractice insured Phlebotomist, with a Clear Enhanced DBS.

They visit you in the comfort of your own home or workplace on a date and time you choose.

Once samples are obtained, they are sent off for analysis within a Private UKAS Accredited Pathology Laboratory.

Test Results are given directly back to the individual within 24hrs or same day.

Prices start from as little as £47.00

Discounted prices for BMA's Intravenous Nutrient Therapy patients in the Cambridgeshire clinic.


Head over to our contact page to book your appointment or visit

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