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Booking Conditions

(1) Bookings:

All bookings are made in accordance with the contents of this document and any other external conditions stated in consultations and medical history forms.

  1. Bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis.

  2. Bookings are not confirmed until payment of the required fee is received. 

  3. We may in some instances hold an appointment open for a period of time (maximum 24 hours) to allow a fee payment to be made, however, we reserve the right to reallocate any unconfirmed appointments at any time and without notice.

  4. Full patient details including date of birth, address, mobile number and email address must be provided at the time of booking to allow us to book you in on the system and allow efficient prescription process when appropriate.

  5. All consultation and declarations must be digitally completed before your appointment. These online medical forms will be sent automatically following receipt of your booking fee. Hence prompt payment will be more convenient for both parties.

  6. If you require a review appointment for wrinkle relaxing treatment, this must take place within 4 weeks of your original appointment. The result of wrinkle relaxing treatments peak within 2 to 3 weeks following the injections, therefore we ask that you send us videos / photos of the areas you require reviewing within this timeframe as per our Covid-19 policy to allow us enough time to book your review appointment that is suitable for you as clinic slots are limited. If you do not book an appointment within the specified period, we will be unable to offer you a free review appointment.

  7.  Combination treatment / package offers must be used during one appointment.


(2) Fees & Charges:

  1. A minimum fee (per hour) of £50 is required to secure an appointment. Following an appointment, the fee will be credited toward any treatment completed within 28 days (including treatment had on the day but excluding product purchases).

  2. Fees not used within 28 days of the appointment time will be forfeited. Fees cannot be used for product purchases or transferred to other patients.

  3. Appointments for treatments require a fee to be paid equal to the greater of: (1) the minimum fee per hour multiplied by the treatment time including any preparation time associated with the treatment and which includes time allocated to providing pain management or carrying out ancillary services such as venepuncture will require a deposit of £125); (2) 10% of the cost of the treatment; (3) 10% of the cost of the course of treatments (where the appointment that is booked is part of a course).

  4. Full payment for treatments or courses costing £1000 or more must be made on the same day and prior to treatment being performed.

  5. All accounts are to be settled prior to leaving the clinic. Unpaid accounts will incur additional charges including interest and reasonable costs of debt recovery.  


(3) No Right to Demand Treatment:

  1. A booking does not guarantee treatment will be provided and the decision to treat will be based on a medical assessment and the professional opinion of our staff.

  2. Your suitability for treatment will be determined by our staff and we cannot carry out a treatment where contraindications, allergies, or other factors (including psychological concerns) might result in an adverse outcome.

  3. If you have paid for a consultation, please be aware that the outcome of the consultation may be information and advice only. 

  4. The decision to offer treatment is at the discretion of the medical practitioner whose decision is final.


(4) Missed Appointments, Change of Date and Lateness:

We are a very busy clinic that invests in world-class treatments, devices, staff training, full and thorough insurance policies, and ensure compliance with all necessary operating standards, including, but not limited to, health and safety, along with many other fixed operational costs.  While we make every effort to provide a flexible and patient-focused service we cannot operate a viable business when patients fail to attend appointments or do not provide sufficient notice of changes or cancellations. Our cancellation fees represent a contribution toward the sunk cost, lost time, and overheads incurred from missed appointments.

The cancellation fee is set at a level that compensates the clinic for the lost time and resources only. We do not profit from cancellation fees and would in all instances prefer to see patients attend their appointments. A cancellation fee will be charged to patients unless. the following minimum notice periods, which afford the clinic a reasonable opportunity to reallocate the appointment, are adhered to:

  1. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule any appointment of 30 minutes or less

  2. A minimum of 7 days notice is required to cancel or reschedule any appointment of more than 30 minutes.

  3. If you need to rearrange your appointment, you may do so ONCE within no less than 7 days of your scheduled appointment.

  4. If you need to rearrange your appointment again as detailed above, the non-refundable booking fee will be lost, and a new booking fee will be required to secure a new appointment.

  5. Any changes after the permitted ‘once’ or not in accordance with our policy will be considered a cancellation and your booking fee will not be transferable and will be lost.

  6. Late arrivals may not receive a treatment – BMA will always do their best to provide full treatment but cannot keep other patients waiting. We operate a strict 15 minute ‘lateness limit’ at which point your appointment will be cancelled if we are unable to accommodate you.

  7.  We will endeavour to re-book you for our earliest available date. You can reuse your booking fee to rebook only for the first instance of lateness. The booking fee will have to taken after any consecutive late arrivals to cover at least some of the income loss.

  8. If you are noted as being a ‘no show’ more than once, we will be unable to offer your any further appointments. The same applies to 3 or more cancellations within 12 months.

  9.  The only time we may consider reviewing this cancellation policy, is in the event of serious illness / injury or a last-minute emergency (official proof will be required) which may be accepted entirely at our discretion.

  10. Due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be occasions when we must cancel the clinic and appointments at very short notice or have to move your scheduled appointment.

  11. We will endeavour to offer you a similar day/time as an alternative for your new appointment. Should this not be convenient for you, we will arrange to refund your booking fee or any advance payment you may have given us. *Please note that refunds will not be given for any other external expenses you may incur*.

  12.  Should we be required by government or local council to close due to emergency public health measures or any other reason, we will carry your booking fee over for your next appointment when we are permitted to re-open. If you would prefer a refund on your booking fee instead, we will be happy to arrange this for you.

  13.  Additionally, should we be not be able to carry out a review or complete a treatment due to being subject to government enforced closure we will not be able to refund your treatment fee or offer any partial refund. All treatments booked are done so by you in the knowledge that enforced closure may happen with little or no notice at any time and we may not be able to complete your treatment.

  14. In exceptional circumstances, BMA may be able to offer a discount on the same future treatment to compensate but this cannot be guaranteed. We understand that any appointment you miss due to these circumstances can be quite frustrating, but we hope you can appreciate that in the same circumstances, we lose our income entirely. 


The cancellation fee is equal to the fee due for the appointment which has been missed as set out above. Missed follow-up appointments for injectable treatments will not incur a fee however, to rebook a subsequent follow-up appointment a fee of £50 is required to be paid. 

In exceptional circumstances management may waive the cancellation fee. Should a patient consider extenuating circumstances apply then a formal request must be made in writing together with sufficient evidence in support of the claim.

(5) Skin Consultations:

  1. Skin consultations will incur a non-refundable and non-redeemable fee of £50 for skin consultations where the patient has not undergone any treatment in the clinic in the last six months. 

  2. Patients are entitled to one complimentary follow-up every six months where at least £300 has been spent on skincare products in the same six-month period and where the patient is not undergoing any treatment in the clinic.

  3. Please note we are unable to offer support to patients who have purchased skincare products elsewhere or who have not regularly and recently purchased their products from our clinic.

  4. Missed skin consultations or those not rescheduled with at least 48 hours’ notice, regardless of whether you have purchased your products from us or not, will incur a cancellation fee of £50. 


(6) Product Purchases:

  1. Products recommended by our medical practitioner or therapists are part of a treatment protocol that will include several different products.

  2. Non-adherence to a complete skincare protocol is not evidence of the failure of a product to perform. Regardless, the performance of any of our skincare products is not guaranteed and cannot be determined following short-term use.

  3. Any faults or concerns regarding a product should be reported to the clinic as soon as possible.

  4. Reports should be sent in writing and include a full description of the concern along with photographs of the product.

  5. Refunds or replacements will be given for physical faults with any of our products and which will be in line with your statutory rights. 

  6. A credit will be applied to your account for any unwanted products which are returned to the clinic within 7 days, provided they are not on prescription, and these must be saleable, be in their original packaging, and be unopened.


(7) Abandoned Treatment:

  1. Patients who choose not to complete treatment at the required settings or are unable to follow the necessary pre, post, or pain management protocols, and once the treatment has commenced, will be required to pay for the treatment in full.

  2. Courses, or part thereof, that are not completed due to any action taken, or not taken, by a patient will be lost and no partial refund will be offered. Courses must be completed in a timely manner and in line with the required protocol and prior to expiry. Missed or delayed treatments are likely to impact the treatment outcome. Patients are expected to adjust where necessary their other commitments to ensure compliance with a treatment protocol. The clinic can become very busy, and appointments can at times be limited. Please be aware of this when deciding to proceed with treatment.

  3. Where a course is interrupted, through no fault of the patient, then the course may be extended, or a credit equal to the value of the remaining treatments offered. The decision to extend or change a course is at the discretion of management.


(8) Refunds:

  1. Refunds are routinely not offered once a treatment has been booked as time and resources are allocated well in advance. However, a reasonable cooling-off period will be offered but in all instances, the cancellation policy must be followed.

  2. Where a refund is made it will be made after deducting associated transaction costs, fees, or bank charges – subject to a minimum handling fee of 2%. 


(9) Positive COVID Cases:

  1. Late cancellation charges will be waived for patients who have tested positive for COVID – please note evidence of a positive test must be provided at the time of canceling or rescheduling your appointment. 

  2. If you suspect you have COVID or your status is unclear, then you should attend 20 minutes prior to your appointment for a rapid flow test. If you test positive your appointment will be rescheduled without charge. 

  3. Patients should not schedule their appointments close to the time of their vaccinations. Treatments cannot be performed either 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after COVID vaccinations – this is in line with ACE Group Guidelines.

  4. Cancellation fees will not be waived for patients suffering side effects from a vaccine as vaccinations should only be booked outside 3-week buffer and in consideration of your appointment. If you book a vaccination please consider you might feel unwell and reschedule your appointment accordingly.


(10) Price Quotes & Estimates:

  1. Prices that given by our admin or reception team and prior to the consultation with our medical practitioner or a therapist are estimates only.

  2. Only prices quoted by either our medical practitioner or therapist following an in-person consultation will be honoured within three months of issue unless the treatment protocol is revised in which case the patient can proceed under the quoted protocol and at the quoted price but must accept that the treatment results will be affected. 


(11) Late Arrivals:

  1. Late arrivals may not receive treatment – Bravo Medical Aesthetics staff will always do their best to provide full treatment but cannot keep other patients waiting.

  2. If you arrive late and your appointment cannot be completed a cancellation fee, in line with (2) above, must be paid prior to your appointment being rebooked.

  3. Where your appointment cannot run on time due to a fault of the clinic then your appointment will be rescheduled without charge. N.B. Please note, our appointments are booked with sufficient time for each patient however, patients can suffer adverse events or reactions and must be properly treated. We ask that you consider that your treatment might be delayed due to incidents earlier in the day. While we make allowances in the diary, which anticipate a certain level of patient delays, we must ensure the correct and proper treatment is given to every patient in our care.


(12) Attending Your Appointment:

  1. Children, family, or friends are not permitted to ' attend the clinic with you. A chaperone may attend your appointment, but we ask that you notify us of this at the time of booking as we have limited space in reception.

  2. We cannot provide supervision of children and they are not permitted in the treatment areas under any circumstances.

  3. It is important that you provide all the medical history asked of you. Bravo Medical Aesthetics and its staff will not be held liable for any damage, loss, or injury caused because of any false, incorrect, or withheld information or due to the failure to follow instructions from the medical practitioner or any of our staff prior to, during, or after your treatment.

  4. For any treatment bookings, you are strongly advised not to consume alcohol or any recreational drugs at least 48 hours before or after your appointment. If you have consumed alcohol or any other substances not listed on your medical form, you must alert the medical practitioner as it may not be safe or recommended to proceed.


(13) Bullying & Harassment of Staff:

  1. The clinic has a zero-tolerance policy regarding rude, threatening, or aggressive language and behaviour from patients on the phone, in person, via email and online.

  2. Patients are expected to treat our staff with common professional courtesy and respect.

  3. Any bad language or rude, threatening, or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

  4. Any patient considered to be behaving in an unacceptable manner will be given one warning before being asked to leave and their treatment will be cancelled (without refund)

  5. Any incidents where a patient has been asked to leave will be investigated and a report shared with the patient. A possible outcome of the investigation is the patient is excluded from the clinic.

  6. Refunds will not be given where treatment is not completed due to the action of a patient.  


(14) Guaranteed Outcomes:

  1. Our treatments are medical and while we make every effort to assess a patient’s suitability for treatment, and provide the best possible patient care, we do not and cannot guarantee treatment outcomes and no claims are made or is it implied that any treatment will be successful. 

  2. Once a treatment has been performed a refund cannot be provided. However, where appropriate, and in the opinion of the medical practitioner, further or different treatment may improve the outcome then this might be offered to you at a marginal cost.


(15) Pain Management Protocols:

  1. I understand that by waiving the recommended pain management by my Aesthetics Practitioner, I will not hold Bravo Medical Aesthetics responsible for the outcome of my treatment.

  2. By not following the recommended pain management protocol the required treatment protocol may not be delivered, depending on individual pain threshold, and the results may not be optimal.

  3. The expected outcome may not be achieved and no subsequent treatments will be offered in lieu.

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