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Red Lips

The Bravo Signature Lips

At Bravo Medical Aesthetics, the most important part of our consultation is listening to your aesthetic goals and what you wish to achieve.

Part of our commitment to you is ensuring that we keep our practitioners up to date with the safest and most advanced technique in injectables whilst ensuring that we are able to cater to the desires of our patients with varying goals and ages.


Our Bravo Signature Lips use two different advanced injecting techniques- occasionally a combination of both advanced microcannula and needle contouring method to achieve the look that you're after. You also get to choose among the market leading lip filler brands in the market. At Bravo Medical Aesthetics Cambridgeshire clinic & other location clinics, we only use the Juvederm, Teosyal and the Restylane ranges. Your medical practitioner will guide you on which is the most suitable filler to use based on what you wish to achieve.


For more of our lip enhancements before and after photos, headover to our Instagram or Facebook page. Whilst we encourage you to tell us which of these after photos you would like your lips to achieve, it is vital that your expectations are set and understand that everyone has individualised lip structure, texture, shape and even the underlying anatomical variances to start with, and that the outcome of your enhancement is very much dependant on these - alongside our very experienced and meticulous hands - there certainly is no cheap filler, trout pout or sausage lips at Bravo Medical Aesthetics!


Bravo Rejuvenate

This advanced technique mainly uses a blunt microcannula to rejuvenate lips that have lost volume over time due to the ageing process, or to add a subtle volume to naturally small sized lips.

This technique normally causes less bruising and swelling.

This is mainly the first choice for first-time lip filler patients, more mature age-group, or anyone who just wants a more natural but plump, rejuvenated look.

eZy Watermark_26-07-2020_02-04-44pm.JPG

Bravo Contour

This advanced technique uses a sharp needle to create that sharp contour. Multiple delicate injections result to the sought after vertical height therefore causes more bruising and swelling post treatment.

This is very popular in the younger generation and those aiming to achieve more shape, volume and vertical height.

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