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We are very proud to announce that Bravo Medical Aesthetics is the first ever clinic to bring to Peterborough the most advanced non-surgical aesthetic device -

The Venus Versa™ ✨


Venus Versa™ uses cutting-edge technology to offer non-surgical solutions for today's most in-demand aesthetic concerns, including premature signs of ageing, acne, scarring, unwanted hair, thread veins, skin damage and uneven texture, cellulite, unwanted fat, and wrinkles.


We are even prouder that we are now officially in partnership with Venus Concept, a global leader in the medical aesthetics industry. It uses only the best-in-class evidence based technology to develop safe, non-invasive devices that address today's most in-demand aesthetic needs. They are currently present in 60 countries with over 10 million Venus Concept treatments performed worldwide annually. 🙌🏼




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The Ultimate TriBella™

£500 per session with free Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Recommended course of 3 for £1450

Optional addition of Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire Facial) for £100 per session

Before & After TriBella.png

Venus Versa™ 


Face £150 per session

Body per area £150

Hands £100

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Venus Freeze™ Face and Body Contouring

(Fat dissolving + Skintightening)

Abdomen + Love handles


Bra Bulge

Brazilian Bum Lift


Knee Lift


£150 per body area per session

Course of 6 recommended

+ get 2 sessions FREE if full course booked

Neck, Chin and Décolletage

£100 per session

Course of 6 recommended £500

Face Tightening and Lift

£120 per session

Course of 6 recommended £700


Venus Viva™ Medical Micro-needling with Nano-fractional technology

£280 per session with free Hyaluronic Acid Infusion

Recommended course of 3 for £800

Optional addition of Platelet Rich Plasma 

(Vampire Facial) for £100 per session


Venus Versa™ 

IPL Dual Light Acne Treatment

Full Face £50 per session

Course of 10 recommended £400

Face per small area £25 per session

Course of 10 recommended £200

Full Back £70

Course of 10 recommended £600

Full Decolletage £50

Course of 10 recommended £400


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal with SmartPulse™

£30 per session

£150 for 6 sessions

  • upper lip

  • glabella (between eyebrows)


£50 per session

£250 for 6 sessions

  • cheeks

  • ears

  • chin

  • sideburns​

  • nipples

  • cleavage

£80 per session

£400 for 6 sessions

  • whole lower face

  • neck

  • underarms

  • sideburns​

  • nipples

  • hands and fingers

  • feet and toes

  • bikini line

  • linea nigra

£100 per session

£520 for 6 sessions

  • full face

  • shoulders

  • arms

  • bikini - extended​

  • nipples

£120 per session

£600 for 6 sessions

  • back

  • chest

  • abdomen

  • thighs

  • lower legs

  • buttocks

£150 per session

£750 for 6 sessions

  • shoulders and back

  • full legs

  • chest and abdomen

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